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1. What is Online Review for Nursing or ORN?
Carl Balita's Online Review for Nursing or ORN is basically the online version of nursing review for the Nursing Licensure Examinations.

2. What are the components of the ORN?

Once you are enrolled with the ORN full package, you are privileged to have access over all the categorized courses plus the video clips of the conduct of the actual nursing review at the Carl Balita Review Center (CBRC).

Currently, courses are categorized into 3, namely: Online Review, Mock Board and the Free Diagnostic test.

Online Review offers sets A and B questionnaires with 5 different modules each respectively:

I. Fundamentals and Basic Concepts in Nursing

II. Community Health Nursing

III. Maternal and Child Care Nursing

IV. Medical and Surgical Nursing

V. Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing

The ORN will be available August 2008.

3. How much will subscription to ORN costs me?

Online Review Program
  1. NLE (Local)
    • Modules Only – Php 2,500
    • Recorded Videos - Php 3,000
    • Complete Package - Php 4,567
  2. NLE (Saudi)
  3. NCLEX - Php 5,500
  4. LET - Php 1,500
  5. HAAD/ Prometric/ DHA - Php 5,500

4. How will I subscribe? What are the modes of payment?

You need to sign-up for an ORN account. This is free and you will have the access to the Diagnostic Exam, an exam that will measure your competency in nursing.

Payments can either be through Paypal,Bank Deposit/Money Transfer, GCash, Smart Money or COURIER (LBC,ML Kwarta Padala, ).

Once payment was settled, enrollment key will be provided thru email or sms. You will use such to log in.

5. How will I conduct the review once I have subscribed?

Sign in to your ORN account first. To review, log-in using the username and the password provided to you.

ORN will be in “question-answer-explain” format. Among the choices, you select the answer you seem appropriate for the question. Once you submit it, the computer will indicate if it is “right” or “wrong”. Then a corresponding detailed explanation will appear.

6. What advantages do I get if I subscribe for the ORN?

You will reap the following benefits once you subscribe for ORN:

ORN is in “question-answer-explain” format. Reviewing through ORN will be like taking the board examination itself. Other examinations are computerized; you will be accustomed to such medium if you review through ORN.

As long as you have a computer connected to an internet line, you can conduct your review any time you want and at your convenience.

7. Can i download or print the Online Review Materials?

No, you can't reproduce or print the online review materials. Material is protected by Copyright Laws. For exclusive use of CBRC online review.

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